Sunday, July 4, 2010

almost heaven ~

Sunset over Loon Lake 7-2-10 ~ my 2nd post of the day! ~ And neither of them art lessons ~

This is the life.... YYLooking out the window - my kayak, my dock, my chair, my lake -
and wildflowers abound in the backyard!YY

Who knew that milkweed had such beautiful flowers?!
A wee bit of the inside of our Loon Lake 'camp' designed by my hubby the architect. The painting (done in an old window) over the kitchen door was purchased for $1 at an auction. It evidently was done by another art teacher, so I wish I paid a little more. It went perfectly with our checkered curtains and the woodsy look of the camp.
And no, aliens aren't landing outside; that strange orb is just the glow of the setting sun beaming through our wagon wheel window that faces the lake. Aaaaah
Below, images from my kayak 'expedition' yesterday into the marsh at the north end of my lake. It was a quiet one (no turtles, great blue herons, loons, or magnificent spider webs, not even dragonflies and damselflies this time) but the summer is young...

Waterlilies, strange bubbly things, and reflections-


  1. Looks like a wondeful place to relax!

  2. I love your little place. So beautiful.