Monday, July 19, 2010

not an art lesson, but oh so beautiful!

As we drove up the road from our Loon Lake camp at dusk, we had a chance encounter with these lovely white tail deer. Oh, I wish I knew how to tell them to be careful when hunting season begins in the fall. There's so much hunting in my locale, and it breaks my heart every time I see these animals up close so beautiful and shy. (Of course, this is written by me, and I still cry every time I see Bambi...)


  1. It's such a cool moment when you see a deer and they see you. I was walking my dog under a full moon and I saw a deer standing right in front of my school on the front entrance! I wish I had my iphone to snap a pic! No one will believe it!

  2. Today (in Maine) I had another closeup wildlife experience. As we left the beach in our car, we saw a magnificent huge snowy egret, very close to the side of the road, like it was posing for us. But the camera was in the back, and by the time I was able to retrieve it, the egret had flown across the marsh :( so sadly no photo.