Sunday, July 18, 2010

Color Wheel Table

Someone in school was discarding this old round table at the end of the school year last year, and I rescued it with the plan to turn it into sort of a color wheel. I got the project started but never finished it.

During my summer arts and crafts program last week (which I'll post about soon) I took some time and restarted the project.

My young "teaching assistant"(a sweet girl about to enter 7th grade who volunteered to help with the class) came up with the idea for the middle. The original plan was more complicated, but I simply did not have enough time to get it done. Along with coming up with the idea, she stayed after the program and helped to paint the center part of the table design.

Now I'll put on a couple more coats of a protective coating/shine so that it should last well. It's not perfect, but I'm pretty pleased with the result and I think the kids will like it! :-)


  1. Love it! I want one for my room...I will have to be on the look out for a round table! Super idea. o fun that you had a helper too.

  2. Oh, this is a great idea. I love the idea... Might have to keep an eye out at the next garage sales.

  3. Awesome table! I wish I had one. Love it. That was a great idea.

  4. Your table turned out great!

  5. This is SO gorgeous! I share a room, and I'm not sure how the music teacher would feel about me painting a table. I LOVE the idea, though.

  6. I know where there is a round table in storage at my school. Definitely doing this.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Fred Mintert