Friday, March 25, 2011

Dunks, dancers, and more plaster bandage sculpture

Basketball - going for the dunk

Soccer player diving for the ball (left), and Michael Jackson (right)

and more dancers


  1. I just love the motion in all of these sculptures. I'm so glad you've shared so many of them!

  2. Hi Phyl, These are great! I'm curious about how you attached the yarn hair. Is that done with just plain old white glue? Hot glue?

  3. No, the hair isn't put on w/hot glue; that's really challenging because it sticks to the glue gun. And Elmer's is too liquid. We've been using this:
    Crafter's Pick The Ultimate! Waterbased Super Glue
    It is super thick and we can't get it out of the tops of the bottles, so we take the tops off and use a long Q-tip. I had them glob some glue on, and then the hair was attached hanging forward, and then flipped back when dry, for a good hairline. Because of the thickness of the glue, it didn't slip down when attached, so it's great to work with for the little details you need in place to stay. For the pony tails, the hair was rooted like original Barbie dolls, just in a circle around the edges of the head w/no hair in the center.