Monday, March 7, 2011

Snow and more snow; and views from an art show

Snow sleet blowing winds more snow more snow icy winds zero visibility more snow more snow... I don't know how much is out there yet - hard to tell with all the blowing but certainly it will be well over a foot by the time its done and that might be a moderate estimate. Though it's blowing so much I don't know how they'll measure it.

I keep looking out the window half expecting Omar Sharif (as Dr. Zhivago) to come staggering out of the blizzard, frozen, with snow and ice crusted in his hair and mustache (but still looking handsome despite it all), calling out for Lara... Lara... (if you are too young to have ever seen the movie Dr. Zhivago, put it on your Netflix queue now!)
The sky is gray white and even though it is after 9AM the paperboy hasn't even gotten here yet. School is closed, though we had already used up our 3 snow days. I don't want to guess how they'll get us to make it up. I hope I remembered to water the plants in my art room on Friday.
I can't even go out and shovel yet. It has to show some sign of calming down or it will be futile. So I'm going to make the best of the day. After blogging, I'll get out the beads and jewelry tools. Or maybe the sewing machine. Or bake some lowfat healthy cookies. Or maybe all three!
* UPDATE: almost noon now, and just in from first shoveling. I'd say there's at LEAST 18" so far...though it seems to be slowing now, finally, and the sky is brightening.
In the meantime, here are some views from a mini art show I set up at our little local public library last week but forgot to post. The kids' work will stay there for a month. You've already seen most of this artwork if you've been reading my blog.


  1. What a treat for the eyes!! I love seeing all the work together like that. The Library must be thrilled to have this display.
    (Love the shot of Omar!!! Couldn't be more perfect for your weather!)
    Have fun today.

  2. Wow that looks amazing, Phyl! Your kids are so lucky to have you!

  3. This was like getting to go back to all my favorite posts in one place. These are some of my fav projects/pieces and I'm sure yours too!!! Great work kids and teacher.

  4. I loved visiting your blog. It was like eye candy. Ah, so sweet.

  5. What a great art your blog!