Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A mystery for my readers

Do you know what we're about to do with this HUGE bag of shredded paper? If you have been reading my blog since last May, perhaps you remember. If not, I'm not going to spoil the suspense!


  1. It looks to me like you are going to make paper. We read about making paper out of recycled newspaper just this morning.

    My son and I made 5.5 x 8.5 sheets of paper today but used clean paper pulp with colored napkins as our colorant. My 9 year old LOVED it and didn't want to stop. After 9 sheets we had to stop to cook dinner.

    We are going to make sketchbooks, using our handmade paper for the covers and drawing paper for the inside.

    I'll have to look back to your May projects to see just what is up.

  2. OK, so I thought paper-making too, but I went back to check out the "paper" reference in your labels and there it was posted last May!! I won't blab in my comment, but I've got to say, VERY CLEVER!!

  3. I thought paper making too.
    I'm not going to look though! I like a good surprise :)

    Blue-bird at

  4. I am going to guess paper mache. The moldable kind not the dunking kind.

  5. I think it you are going to make "rocks" and then paint cave paintings on them!
    ; ) Susan

  6. Susan, you're a spoiler! You were at a workshop where I included this process as one item on a menu of lesson! So, yes, you are right, and today we squished and worked our paper clay into our hunks of "cave wall". You'll be seeing the process in the days to come!

  7. I love how the kids are under the table with flashlights!!! You know what might be cool is if you put the brown paper under their table with tape (so it's above them and they had to sign their handprint there. I haven't done a project not in their seats for a very long time! When I had an art camp I taped paper under a trampoline and we painted our "sistine chapel ceiling" on a summer day. Then we hung it on the ceiling at our art show! Good times. Does this mixture turn out really hard and solid or is there some flaking or cracking if you aren't careful with your rock?

  8. Erica, the mixture turns out ROCK hard - quite amazing. We did handprints last year, but at a table, not under it. It's a great idea (pputting the paper on the underside of the tables, but I'm not sure how practical. Unfortunately setup has to be really quick, since as luck would have it I teach a different grade level directly prior. So we shall see...

    As for working under the tables, it really helps that my class sizes are mostly under 20 students. I know this is not the norm for many of you.