Monday, June 18, 2012

iPad users - a little advice please?

OK, so this photo doesn't have anything to do with this post. I just drive past this sad little guy every day and yesterday had to stop and take his photo. He looks so lonely and bewildered. If I wasn't afraid of getting arrested I'd paint him a companion on the unpainted barrel.

I've had my iPad for a little more than a week now and I love it, but I'm still figuring out exactly what I want to use it for. For starters, as a lifelong Scrabble addict, I've got several games of Words With Friends going and it has reinvigorated some otherwise stale friendships. (I love that there's a place where you can send little chat messages while you are playing.) Cool. I'm learning who among my acquaintances is a good WWF competitor and who I don't really want to play with (it's no fun to totally smoke someone). And I'm dabbling in a couple of sketch/doodle apps, and loving the ease of getting on the internet, and mostly doing a bit of exploring my options. I'm a newbie.

But there are two things I do on my laptop that I would like to be able to do on the iPad, but so far I have not been successful with either: posting to this blog, and visiting Pinterest. I tried apps for both that I think must have been meant for the iPhone, since the profile was small on the screen. If you do either of these things on your iPad, can you tell me which apps you use?

Any other app favorites you'd like to mention that you haven't told me about previously? Or little hints that might make me go "AHA!"?

And if you are a good Scrabble/Words With Friends competitor, and want to play with me, let me know. There's always room/time for another game!


  1. I use the blogger app when I have pictures to post from my iPad. It won't let you arrange the pics though, so they may come out in random order. I save the draft and tidy it up from my computer. I use pinterest from safari only, the app is too limiting. I am pretty new to iPads myself.

  2. Hi Phyl,
    I just got an iPad myself (surprise birthday gift from mom and dad--who is spoiled?) and have been using pinterest on the iPhone previously. It is small on the iPad but on the lower right corner there is a little circle with a 2x in it and it will enlarge the screen for you. Not as fun as laptop safari version but still okay by me. Brushes is supposed to be amazing but I haven't had enough time to really play with it to say for sure.
    Wish I could help you with other cool apps but as I said, I am an iPad newbie too. But would you run a post with an update if others comment and give you great ideas? I for one would be so appreciative.
    Enjoy your new toy!

  3. I adore my iPad. It's definitely my favorite purchase of the last year. (Although, oddly enough, while trying to type this response on the iPad, it stopped typing. Weird.) I don't like typing a long string of sentences on it, but don't mind as much when using a stylus. I bought a couple of reasonably priced ones on Amazon. Play me on Words sometime! I'm "Snippety Gibbet". My Pinterest app is fine. It doesn't do as much as when I'm on the web, but it is fine. I wonder if you downloaded the iPhone app and not the iPad one. "Draw Something" is a fun app for a while....until you start repeating the same things to draw. I was addicted for a little while. These are my favorite apps besides the two games I already mentioned: Facebook, HBO Go, The Weather Channel, Twitter, Kindle, iBooks (for iTunes book purchases that don't play on Kindle), Menu Planner (downloads web recipes...gleans grocery lists... menu planning...duh), Google, NetFlix, Art Rage, Amazon, Etsy and eBay. Have fun with your new iPad!!!

  4. I got my iPad just a little over a month ago and am loving it. I use the blogger app for doing posts and you can size it up from the corner where it says X2. I notice that there is no control over where the photos appear, but there is a place in the settings (icon looks like a gear) where you can choose the size that the images will be in the post. I love the zen garden app and ended up getting the paid version after using the free one for 2 weeks. I have been looking into apps that give me recipe ideas and I am liking all recipes the best.

  5. Hey Phyl,
    The Pinterest team is apparently working on an Ap just for the iPad. You have to use the iPhone app right now ON the iPad, and it's not ideal. I am really anxious for this to come out, too. Hurry up Pinterest team! I heard Pinterest is growing faster then Facebook did. Not sure if that's true.

  6. I use Pinterest almost the same as my laptop using safari on my iPad. You can add Pinterest plus to your bookmark browser - just google how to add Pinterest plus. That's what I did...I prefer this to using the iPad ap which is quite different. When you want to select a board to pin something to use two fingers to scroll up and down the list. It took me a little bit of practice but now I am browsing and pinning to my hearts content and loving it! I'm still trying to figure out how to do the blog thing, I might wait until our school holidays, after report writing to focus on that.