Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dear Mother Nature

During my visit this week to my alma mater, SUNY New Paltz, we spent some time in the Dorsky Museum of Art, the college's lovely art museum. The current exhibit is titled Dear Mother Nature. I had trouble getting good photos of the pieces, but above and below are a few of the many intriguing works, all created by Hudson Valley artists. The challenge to the artists was to reflect on the condition of Mother Nature, and then to create an offering that reflects their feelings and Mother Nature's condition. The exhibit guide includes a letter to Mother Nature from each artist, explaining their offering. My only frustration was that usually the guide would list the media used for the work of art, but that was not done. It was just the letters. I REALLY wanted to know what some of these pieces were made out of, especially the ones below!

Since we graduated from the college 38 years ago, a lot has changed on the campus, of course. One of the newest buildings on campus is this really cool addition to the Student Union building. From the outside it is a sort of a pyramid thingy. It reminds me of the pictures of seen of the pyramid in front of the Louvre. These two photos below were shot inside the building.

Some things will never change, such as the view of Mount Mohonk that you can see from the campus.

A lot of the campus is the same, too, such as the pond that separates some of the dorms from the rest of the campus. That's me and my college roommate, on campus together for the first time in 38 years!!!!

In the village of New Paltz is Manny's Art Supplies, basically the same store where we purchased our art supplies for my all classes. The sign has changed, but it is nice to know that Manny's is still there catering to the needs of the art students.

The village has changed. It's a little more upscale feeling, and seems to be a tourist-y destination, rather than just a funky, hippy-dippy college town. But still great! Check out this cool oil painting that was in a building on campus:


  1. you graduated 38 yrs ago...huh...that was when I was born! :)

  2. Hi Phyl! I was wondering if you have any interest in my studio space at the Shirt Factory. There were 6 of us and now there is 4, so my space is much bigger and by the windows. I am moving North so the distance is a little too far for me now. Rent is 150 a month. Let me know if you have any interest or if you know someone else that might! We can also go look at it anytime. Janelle