Monday, July 23, 2012

How I spent a hot muggy summer day & some fun 'vintage' photos

This (above) is how we spent the glorious day yesterday. (That's not me in the photos but it is my family.)

This (below) is how I expected to spend today.

That's the magnificent Saratoga Racetrack, in my hometown just 20 minutes away. I'm not a gambler, but once a summer I meet up here with an old union leadership friend. Our friendship began when we met in 1995 at a statewide training conference for new local teacher union presidents, and has continued ever since. But with expected severe thunderstorms (that never happened here) and hot humid muggy weather, we've postponed until later in the week.

I also expected to be surprising my childhood BFF (who lives in England but comes home to see family) with a visit for dinner, also in Saratoga, at the invitation of her kid sister.

In the photo above, that's Annie on the left and me on the right at maybe 5 & 6 years old (she's younger), and on the left below at maybe 17 and 16 (this time I'm the angry one on the left) and finally at 36 and 35 (I'm convex - 7 months pregnant with dyed hair; she's concave and beautiful).

And here's the kid sister at approximately age 10 when Annie and I were 19 & 20.
But sadly, kid sister is having serious back trouble and the visit is temporarily called off tonight. But Annie will be in the states for a bit and we'll catch up, just not by surprise.

And here's what I did today instead: (sorry for sideways photos)

I cleaned and froze blueberries that I picked a few days ago. Then I went out back to my hubby's wonderful garden and picked chives and basil. I chopped and froze chives, and I made the basil into pesto and froze it in these rectangular ice cube trays. Now I can have fresh herbs in the winter, and fresh berries too! After chopping and chopping and processing etc, my house smells like heaven - the aroma of basil/chives/garlic all together. Of course I saved some of the fresh pesto for dinner tonight! YUM.

And in between all the slicing and dicing and washing and processing, I took turns at my latest obsessions on my iPad:

If you like to play too, let me know! I'm seriously hooked on both. I'm also playing Scramble with Friends (kind of like Boggle) but so far only with my son and he's seriously KILLING me and I don't know what I'm doing wrong.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Hi folks. In case you are wondering let me tell you about the deleted comment above. First of all, I was psyched to find a comment this morning, as I have shared photos from my younger days. BUT - then I read the comment, from someone with. A blog called Boycott American Women. It was vile and hateful, spewing mean- spirited and demeaning remarks and 'facts' about how horrible we are on my happy little well-intentioned blog. To the writer: odd that you chose me, since I am happily married, am not abusive and have not been abused, or any of the other awful things you said. Please do not waste a minute of your time re-posting your comment because I will delete your filth each and every time.

    Now to the rest of you, please enjoy!

  3. There are some sick people out there that have such ugly, mean spirited souls! They are so unhappy with their lives that they want to try and bring everyone down with them. sorry that they chose you to spew their unhappiness on. I love seeing the pictures you post of your lake! It seems so peaceful and relaxing! Keep smiling! :)

  4. To brighter things. I'm hooked on Words with friends. My husband and adult kids all play. If your son is thrashing you, he's probably found Scrabble Cheat. We have all snuck a look, but now we all use it so we are all cheats. Equal footings. It's a great game and time filler at airports. And it may even ward off alzheimer's for a bit.

    Please keep blogging.

    1. Hi Gretchen, yes I'll keep blogging! As for Scrabble Cheat, its not an issue because he is killing me at SCRAMBLE with friends, which is a timed thing kind of like Boggle. You have NO time to look a word up. I don't know how anyone can beat what he does in this game! As for Words with Friends, he's a solid competitor but it's not so extreme.

  5. I am embarrassingly hooked on Draw Something too....Loving going through your blog...looks like a wonderful summer.