Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Portraits with Partners

This project always cracks me up. My 1st graders are learning to be "real artists", and we starting by discussing how artists create portraits. We measured faces, talked about proportion and eye placement, and more. Kids listened SO attentively, and were excited to begin. They drew names of partners out of a bucket, and the partners sat across from each other for drawing.

The 1st graders won't have art again until next week, so this is just an advance preview.
Meanwhile, the 3rd graders began studying themselves in mirrors for self portraits with a fun twist you'll see posted down the road.
And 6th graders are excited to begin their new project, plaster bandage sculptures, built over wire armatures, of people in motion. The photo below is some practice on the white board for their preliminary drawings. I'll keep you posted as sculptures develop.


  1. Love the look of concentration! The younger they are the cuter and more amazing it is when they get that look on their face. The pics are an amazing start for 1st graders!!!

  2. My 3rd graders worked on their self-portraits today, what a trip! I kept saying "NO BANANA MOUTHS!" That's my new mantra. I stood behind them looking in the mirror, and traced their lips with my fingers. All did really, really well, except one perfectionist child who literally was afraid to put a line on her paper. I had to remind her that this is a new thing for EVERYBODY, and that I wasn't expecting the Mona Lisa... I explained I couldn't help her, or advise her, if she had nothing on her paper. I suggested she take it home and bring it back next week. She cried and cried. Oh dear... I said that maybe it would be easier at home without worrying about the people around her. I think she'll be OK, but I didn't mean to make her cry. Jeez.