Friday, January 21, 2011

There's no delay; there's school today!

Oh dear, guess I need to shovel.
OK, I've made it to the car; now I'd better clean it off.

Getting there...
Let's peek down the alley and see if it's been plowed.
Nope. Oh well.
Hopefully the city streets are better than the alley.

Question: Wonder if the highway will be cleared?
Finally. Car is clean (sort of) and warmed up, windows defrosted, and the sun is coming up. I'm off to school.

Answer - NO the highway was not ready for us early travelers. A one or two hour delay would have made a vast improvement on the conditions of the morning commute. I'm glad it's Friday. There have been a couple of treacherous morning drives and a challenging afternoon one, and while, (as you know) I love my car, I've had enough for a couple of days!


  1. I'm so glad I live in El Paso! I'm a desert rat! Although I would appreciate a little bit of snow now and then.

  2. It has been crazy here in NJ too, but our district is very strict with snowday and only takes them when necessary - so we had another delay today. It looks like another is coming our way next Tuesday!
    Happy Friday!

  3. Another storm and no delay? Glad you have a reliable car! I always worry about the buses.

  4. Susan, a delay would have been perfect. I don't know why one wasn't called. The roads were clear and dry this afternoon. As for the buses, I live 1/2 hour south of my school district, and we got hit harder than they did. The roads were better as I got closer to school. However, about 1/2 of our staff commutes, and all the school districts where we live, such as Glens Falls and Lake George, were on a 2 hour delay. Not us! And they all had snow days on Tuesday too, but again, not us.

  5. Oh my Phyl! That is amazing. We ended up getting 1 inch of snow and a lot of black ice!! Not good. Another weather system is coming in this week and the state is saying we are almost out of salt for the roads until Feb. That's all the defense we get for our roads is salt. I should live in the North with you. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures!