Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Comic #8 - yet another favorite

Here's another example of not needing color for a really funny comic. I've had this one for years, couldn't find it, and tonight a light went on in my head telling me exactly where I had it filed away. And miraculously, I looked, and there it was! Enjoy! (Sorry about the poor quality of the image.)

This cartoon reminds me of the time I dressed as VanGogh for Halloween, bandaged ear and all.

Anyhow - to my readers, I hope you all had a lovely vacation, and are relaxed and energized and ready to get back to school Monday morning. Happy 2011!!


  1. My brother in law dressed as Van Gogh last Halloween and with his red hair, scruffy beard, and features, he looked EXACTLY like him! I was blown away! Happy New YEar and welcome back to school! Not sure about the relaxed and refreshed... I think I need a vacation from my family and holiday craziness!

  2. Got to share this one with our music teacher! Thanks!

  3. Hey Phyl! Guess what came in the mail today!!! The teacher resource packet from the Dali Museum including the little DVD we were talking about. I knew it was the same one as soon as I saw White Eagle and the Venus chest of drawers. Crazy coincidence. Must have dropped them a line in my travels through cyber space. It's great. Can't wait to share it with my kids.

    I posted some comics, too, and linked to your blog.