Thursday, December 30, 2010

Today's Excellent Bloggy Adventure!

Today was a really fun adventure, as I got to meet my blogger-friend Barb in person! You can find her blog at:

Earlier this fall, we realized that we only lived about 1-1/2 hours apart, me in NY, she in Vermont. We both teach in small rural districts, and seemed to have a lot in common. So when Barb suggested that we get together during vacation, I said "why not?" and today I hopped in my trusty Subaru and drove on winding country roads through crisp bright winter landscapes . We spent some time at the Clark Art Institute, a lovely museum in Williamstown (Massachusetts), just a short drive from Barb's home in Vermont. I ended up making some purchases to use at school, from the book selection at the museum. Here's what I purchased:
I'm planning on doing some portrait projects in January, and we're going to be focusing on both DaVinci and Arcimboldo, so these two books above will be put to use immediately.

And I couldn't resist these other two books:

And here's a couple of images from the special Albrecht Durer exhibit at the museum:

And other random pieces that I found intriguing - the one on the left is by Rodin, and the right is a detail from a gorgeous painting by Sargent:
And more odds & ends...
Thanks Barb, for a delightful day! So glad we had the opportunity to do this!


  1. How nice that you and Barbara met! Who knows maybe one day I might come over from Australia and meet some of my blogger friends in the States. Can't wait to see the portraits. Annax

  2. That must have been a nice meeting! Well, a meeting with one of the bloggers and me will not work I guess, unles one of them is coming to Europe ;)

  3. I have that Beautiful Oops book! I love it! My kids were whining that they made a mistake and had to start over and I pull out the book to inspire them to take another look at the "mistake" and Viola! They create something cool from the former mistake! I have done this many times and it was great seeing their minds working. I have been to the Clark and it is a great museum. That is so wonderful that you got to meet up with Barb!

  4. It is really neat that you ladies got to meet up! I am glad you had a good day :)

  5. Hey Phyl, your photos came out great. I had a wonderful day and look forward to more great adventures. I so appreciate the connections we've made with people near and far through the blogosphere. It's really a lovely thing. So ladies, if you ever find yourselves in this part of the world please do drop a line!

  6. How great to get to meet each other! Happy New Year to both of you. (Love your purchases!)

  7. How wonderful! I follow both of your blogs and I bet you two hit it off well. That is just great! Happy new year!