Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sketchbook project - I finally started!

Are you participating in the Sketchbook Project? Check it out at
I received mine ages ago, but it has just been sitting there staring back at me. I guess I've been intimidated by all the bare empty pages.

A day or two ago, Janelle, at posted a "sneak peak" of her sketchbook, and I realized I couldn't put it off any longer, since it is due in about 2 weeks!

My theme is "Science Project Gone Wrong" and I want it to look like the journal of a mad scientist for whom chemistry has taken a terrible turn. So the images should be of bubbling, fizzing, oozing goo with unexpected things imbedded in the ooze.

I began with the cover, which was a lot of fun - I added a bunch of texture, and rubbed on all sorts of paints to make it look like maybe it has been affected by chemical spills and more.

Then, I began glueing together every 2 pages inside (they are very thin and there's too many pages to deal with anyhow), and gluing on scientific scribbles, graphs, and lab notes that the high school chemistry and earth science teachers gave me from their recycle boxes.

And then the fun REALLY began, because I took a candle and burned the edges of some pages, and some holes in others. I controlled the burn with a dunk bowl of water for emergencies.

Now I'm ready to actually draw, paint, and collage some images into the pages. Since I've already "destroyed" the book with all the torn, burned and glued pages, I no longer feel like I can ruin it!

I'd better get to bed soon, because tomorrow morning I'm heading off on a blogger adventure. I'll tell you about it when I return.


  1. What a magnificent creation already! Can't wait to hear more about it.

  2. Thanks, Kathy.

    Totally unrelated - but I wanted to mention - my hubby and I watched a really cool art-related documentary movie last night (yeah for Netflix). The name is Exit Through the Gift Shop and it is about "street artists" (sort of like graffiti but not exactly). Terrific movie - I highly recommend it to all my blogger-friends!

  3. I LOVE your sketchbook. All the burned pages a gluck are a RIOT!!! Looks like you'll be done before you know it.

  4. Phyl, I did the EXACT same theme for the Sketchbook Project this year and went with the same idea about an oozing, bubbling, chemical mess on the pages! I will be posting my version soon once I finish it. That is amazing! Great work!

  5. My theme is Mystery Maps... I have to take pics of my pages and post to my blog soon! I still have about 3 pages left to do and then add text and some drawings. I am hoping to get it done this week! Love the burned pages! Cool!!! Are you going to go to Brooklyn to see the exhibit? I want to try!

  6. Phyl, I love what you have done so far! What a great start - I can't wait to see it completed!

  7. Super fun Phyl! I love your idea for your project. Glad you shared:) Just today I was playing w/ some long matches (oops, shouldn't admit I played w/ matches), trying to burn them in various spots on the stick part w/o burning through the sticks & I was thinking about a recent article on the fashion duo, "Rodarte", a theme in their latest collection is "burned".