Monday, December 20, 2010

More Surrealism - 2nd grade landscapes and clocks

The inspiration for this lesson came from a lesson posted here:

My 2nd graders looked at and discussed Dali's Persistence of Memory. Then we created our own distorted clocks on watercolor paper, outlined with Sharpie and painted with watercolors.
Next we created a simple landscape with 3 wavy lines, and painted by double-dipping 2 colors on our brushes. Then we used a Q-tip to paint some black trees and fences, using size and placement to show depth.
Finally, we cut out our clocks and glued them down, with a little bit of curve.


  1. I like the dimension of the clocks. They really come to life!

  2. I love how colorful these projects are!

  3. These are so colorful! I love them!!!

  4. I love these floppy clocks!! I love the fun colors too =)

  5. I LOVE what you did with the these clocks. I think I like yours better than mine. I just might try it later this year.