Friday, December 10, 2010

Brrrr.... it's cold! - time for fleece-lined gloves and fuzzy scarves

OK, so this isn't an "art" post but the photos are of my school. (The photos are from a winter or two ago). It actually doesn't look like this yet here, but I'm sure it will be here soon enough. My son is in college in the western part of the state on the shore of Lake Ontario, where they already have a couple of feet of "lake effect" snow on the ground.

But it sure doesn't look like this (photo below) any more either! (This pic of my school was taken last spring.)

I guess I really won't mind when it arrives here. The holiday lights look so much prettier in the snow, and my happy little Subaru and it's all-wheel drive will trudge merrily along. But I will need to get myself out the door a few minutes earlier in the morning.
But this post isn't about snow, it's about the COLD - it was only 9 degrees out this morning (Fahrenheit for those of you from other countries) when I left for school, and when I got here, a 1/2 hour north of home and into the foothills of the Adirondacks, it was just a meager 5 degrees. Brrrr....
Time to wrap myself in a cozy quilt. I hear snow is coming this weekend...

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