Thursday, April 7, 2011

Earrings, a thank you and blogger woes

I made these earrings for a colleague, to go with the SMILE necklace (that I showed you last month). I really love the earrings, so now I want to make a similar pair for myself.


This picture below rotated when I entered it - blogger annoyance. But I wanted to show you and say thanks! I received this awesome package in the mail from Lamamomma/Art Project Girl/Erica today -she called it a "zenvelope"- or maybe it's an envedoodle? Anyhow, thanks Erica, for your awesome doodle!!! (and the contents of the package too!!) What fun to get something in the mail that looks just like what I might have done. I'm definitely saving it!

But really, what's the deal with blogger? In an attempt to fix my recent spacing problems, I tried changing my settings to "updated editor". After about 10 minutes of my photos jumping all over the place and blogger not wanting me to type in between, I deleted the post, switched back to the old editor, and wrote this post, and now my paragraphs won't separate, and I'm getting annoyed. I'm a bit of a control freak, I guess, and I'm a perfectionist about editing, and I don't like this weird entity "blogger" having control over my ability to space appropriately. Frustrated.


  1. I'm not one to sit down and spend time doodling . . . haven't done it since middle school! So when I saw this zen doodling thing on the blogs I had to try it. I bet you can tell where I started the doodle and where I ended it! It was really hard to start, by the end I couldn't tear myself away. Glad you liked it. Sorry it took so long to get it to you. I ran out of printer ink:) It eventually got there though!

  2. Oh I looked at blogger I have nonidea how to fix that. It's happening infrequenly to me too. My puppy ate the corner of the envelope. If you were wondering. I didn't get hungry dont worry

  3. Love the "zenvelope"!
    I am having the same spacing/image issues. It can be very frustrating! Here's what a fellow blogger shared with me, though I haven't had time to try these yet:

    "I just wanted to let you know that I downloaded Fire Fox and, by opening that browser rather than Internet Explorer, I was able to create spaces and paragraphs once again in Blogger. It seems that there are some glitches with Internet Explorer that have caused many headaches with several different blogging sites. Downloading Google Chrome might also help."

    Not sure of that will help, but I thought I'd share. =) Let me know if it works! ~Carla

  4. Blogger - yeah. I moved to Wordpress.

  5. I hate the photo editing stuff here too. Phooey. I'm loving the jewelry though!!! jan