Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thumbprint Pussywillow Time!

Do pussywillows grow in your locale? They are a harbinger of spring - the little seed pods open to expose the soft fuzzy pussywillows. If flowers are blooming, and if there's leaves on the trees, it's too late to find pussywillows in this fuzzy stage.

We used constuction paper crayons and tempera paint, a mix of white and silver that we printed with our thumbs.


  1. Pussy willow time always remind me if my grandpa. He would go out in the woods for hours with his dog and bring back bushels of pussy willows because his daughter in law said she liked them once (my mom) never could tell him we had enough because he was so proud. I still have some in my house and this was 20 years ago. Love that they get to put their hands in the paint much more fun then qtips.

  2. I saw this post last night and tried it out with my 4 Life Skills students today. They had a blast! I'll post photos soon and mention your post :)