Sunday, April 24, 2011

The return of Sunday comics and a blog award, all wrapped up in one post!

Here's 2 Sunday comics, to make up for all the times I haven't posted them. I've saved some more Calvin for next time.
And then, there's this:

I have been awarded a Versatile Blogger Award from If you've never seen this blog, check it out. Her students have been doing AMAZING portraits of presidents! Teddy Roosevelt, George Washington, Obama, etc. You've go to see these - it takes an amazing teacher to bring this kind of work out of her students. Kudos! Anyhow, I'm going to break the award rules. I've gotten 2 of these awards before, and I don't want to keep naming the same blogs over and over so please forgive me for not passing on the award to 10 more blogs. I hope I don't offend anybody by not doing this. It's just not going to happen... If you want to check out the blogs I like, just look at the ones in my blogroll on the side. I added a couple new ones today, and I'm following a couple other new blogs that I'll add once I see that they are posting again. But I WILL try to tell you 7 more things about me, the other rule of the award:
  1. I'm a fickle artist. I have too many artistic hobbies and so lots of stuff goes unfinished but I like trying new stuff. Someday... I'll finish a new painting, play with the free motion sewing capability of my sewing machine, take that class in making flamework glass beads, begin to build another dragon, add more dragonflies to my car, learn to use Photoshop, etc. You get the idea.
  2. I'm neurotic in cars. I don't like driving over bridges, or in heavy traffic, and I feel a HUGE sense of accomplishment when I make it over the Tappan Zee Bridge which is 2 miles long. (It's sort of a gateway to the NYC area.)
  3. My favorite color is alizarin crimson.
  4. My favorite flower is the pansy. I love that they are so colorful.
  5. I adore my goofy cat Isis. She is a house cat that spends a great deal of time outside on a harness & rope tied to the porch, and is happy. We call her "dope on a rope".
  6. I have tiny fat feet with structural weirdness. It's hard to find shoes to fit and I get upset about finding shoes for special occasions. I wear athletic shoes to school most days.
  7. I like to shamelessly promote stuff having to do with my son. (Anyone know of any good creative job opportunities in the Boston area for a new college grad with a degree in Entrepreneurship and an interest in PR, event organization/management, and the live music scene?) His college band recently released a CD - but don't listen in your classroom (2 obscenities). The irony is that itunes labeled these 2 songs 'explicit', but there is NOTHING on the CD relating to sex, drugs, or promoting violent behavior, or anything else of the sort, as you hear in a lot of music the kids listen to these days. The song lyrics, while a bit cryptic, are all about social or political issues. There's not a love song among them. Anyhow, the boys felt those two words were necessary. Here's their website:
This is their CD.


  1. Oh my. I just edited my post on our desktop computer instead of my laptop, using microsoft explorer because this computer doesn't have firefox loaded. So now there's a bunch of unwanted extra spaces again. UGH. I'll try to re-edit them out on my laptop later. In the meantime, sorry :(

  2. Love the comics! I'll have to repost in the future to link back here (it's my way of 'keeping it fresh'... hoping people forget and then like gettign re-reminded, haha) - and congrats on the award!!

  3. I am too late! I sent the Versatile Blogger award to you as well. Sigh. You can see it on my blog anyway

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  5. I mis-typed. Let me try again. I wanted to first of all say thanks to Melanie - check out her blog and read her adorable list of 7 things about herself!

    AND I wanted to express a little guilt. I didn't pass on the award to other blogs and I don't want to appear ungrateful. But it just seems like the award has been looping around to all my favorite blogs without my input. Forgive me?