Friday, November 25, 2011

An Adirondack Thanksgiving

We have a wonderful Thanksgiving tradition. We celebrate the holiday at our "camp" - a cottage on lovely little Loon Lake, 1/2 hour from our home (that's where I usually am when I'm out in my kayak). My husband, son, and I are joined annually for turkey-day by my stepdaughter, her husband, and her two little boys. There's NO television (in other words: no football) and NO internet, so it's a wonderful place to laugh, play board games, eat, wrestle with the kids (they look forward to wrestling with 'Uncle Ben' - my son), and did I already say laugh?

That's my Ben in the blue. Looks like someone is always on top of him, even son-in-law!

We are so glad our 'bearded baby' was able to make it home from his life in Boston to spend Thanksgiving with us. We don't get to see him that often these days. Kids grow up.

Below are a couple more beautiful views of our snowy lakefront, taken today, the day after Thanksgiving, when the bright sunshine finally arrived. There was about 10" of fresh snow when we arrived yesterday morning. No kayaking this trip.

I'm somehow missing photos of hubby and stepdaughter. I'll have to share the whole group photo with you tomorrow after my son and his camera return home. (He's got the best photos.) He's spending another night at our wonderful little camp. Here is Ben, bundled up to stay warm, waiting for his best friends to arrive to spend the night.

When we got home, we discovered our Christmas cactus is a little confused. Thanksgiving cactus perhaps?

I hope you all celebrated as lovely a time with your own families this Thanksgiving, as we did with ours! Our favorite holiday, for sure!!!


  1. Beautiful! what a wonderful place for Thanksgiving. Glad you had such a great celebration with your family.

  2. lovely-- thanks so much for sharing. we had a nice thanksgiving here at school with some other american families.

  3. Your family is gorgeous and your cottage too! Love the one of you in the cooking apron, surprised there's no paint on it;) The mist on the rocks on the lake is gorgeous!

    Off to my little piece of heaven today our dog field "park" down the street. It's been busy with lots of dogs and families this week. Then my friend is in from LA for thanksgiving with her b-friend from England. It is rare to have everyone home like this! So Stella and I will go for one last visit before the spring.

    Thank goodness you keep up with your blog! It's my fav shhh