Saturday, November 26, 2011

Turkey-Day Shenanigans

This beautiful photo above was shot by my son the day after Thanksgiving. I'm assuming he and his buddies climbed the little mountain nearby our cottage after eating lots of leftover pie.

But this, below, was the "real" Thanksgiving shenanigans! That's my stepdaughter, her husband, and 2 kiddos and of course my son.

Luckily they don't check out my blog too often or I may have to delete this post!

And finally, yes, this photo is proof that my hubby was there too. He was left out of yesterday's post's photos. Hmm... someone doesn't look too happy... posing for too many pics perhaps?


  1. This photo your son took is spectacular. What a view!! Thanks for sharing with me about the other blogger with the kitten story -- too cute!!

  2. Thanks, Christie. He's a rather prolific photographer and has a way better camera than me (jealous!) that we bought him for 21st b'day knowing he was on his way to Africa that summer. Anyhow, turns out he climbed the mountain ALONE while waiting for his friends to arrive. That's my boy.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Phyl, such fun. I've been getting an error on posting comments...not sure, probably my end!

  4. Jody, I'll post a comment on your blog too to make sure you get this message - but often the problem commenting has to do with Internet Explorer. If you use it as your browser, switch to either Firefox or Google Chrome and it should solve your problems.