Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kayaking in November!

Me in my kayak, hubby on the shore, writing in the journal.

It was a beautiful day, and hubby and I couldn't resist a few hours at our cabin on Loon Lake. I took the kayak out for what is likely the final spin of the year. So glad this is only 1/2 hour from home!

On a totally different note, blogger friend Hannah at Art.Paper.Scissors.Glue is having a blog problem and asked my advice. I'm turning over to you, readers, since I'm clueless and wish I could help her. Her most recent posts are NOT showing up on our blogrolls or Blogger dashboards (or in Google Reader). She has made several posts that you wouldn't know about, unless you click "home" on her site or happen to click her blog name instead of the image for the post.
So I'm asking two things:
  1. if you have any advice to help Hannah solve her problem, or if you are having the same problem, please let her know, and
  2. go to her blogs, click on "home" and look at all those wonderful posts she's done that nobody has seen (since they don't know about them).
I'm sure Hannah will appreciate this! Thanks everyone!


  1. We did our last paddle of the season last weekend. Then we put the boats away for the winter. Little did we know that today would be so gorgeous! Glad that you got to take advantage of it.

  2. Is this your husband's first appearance on the blog? Love the beautiful sunshine! So relaxing. . .

  3. There must have been a delay, because I just got a whole bunch of her blog posts in my google reader feed right in a row.

  4. What glorious scenery!! We had rain today, so it was a day to stay in and bake cookies and knit socks! Have a good week.

  5. Thanks! We're getting closer, haha... I see that it is up to about 4 days ago now... keeping my fingers crossed... but again- I appreciate EVERYTHING! Glad you got to enjoy this beautiful day!

  6. @ Erica - Nope, it's not his first time on the blog, but just the second - look back to May - he's in photos when I posted my baby's college graduation. But generally, I'm not sure he's too comfortable with the idea of a bunch of strangers seeing him. He's pretty small in this photo.

    @Christie - cookies sound good too!

    @Hannah - glad things are getting better - blogger is sure a mystery sometimes!