Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Do you watch Work of Art on Bravo?

My TV cable got funky on me tonight! I turned on the TV specifically intending to watch tonight's episode of Work of Art and the cable guide said it was on, but instead the cable played Top Chef. Then the station said "Work of Art, coming up next" but afterward there was just another episode of Top Chef.

Did this happen where you live? Or was it just something funky happening locally? If you did watch the show, can you tell me what happened? I'm sorry to have missed an episode. I suppose I can go to the show's website and see if I can find a synopsis, but I'd rather have your opinions!


  1. Hi Phyl,

    It was a challenge about doing street art on a big building in Brooklyn right by the bridge to NYC. They were teamed up in teams of two and had to create HUGE images/installations on the building. The weird little Japanese guy and the aw shucks guy(new dad)won with a cool painting of the two of them facing each other and having a conversation. The Japanese guy had lost his father and the aw shucks guy just became a dad so the connections were losing a dad and becoming a dad. Pretty cool. The Sucklord was booted off and two of the women(Lola and another)set women's dignity back about 100 years by painting large colorful penis' and making stickers out of images and penis' and cigarette buts and sticking them on the other artists' work(real mature). They were rude to the Iranian/American artist and made her cry...
    Hope that doesn't happen with your local channel next week!


  2. I have never heard of the show. I will be checking it out. Thanks!

  3. I loved your summary Pat! ha! I think The Sucklord should have been kicked off long ago. But it is amusing to say and hear his name. Don't worry Phyl, Bravo is big into repeats.

  4. Thanks a lot Pat.... way to give us a spoiler alert. Haha just kidding I already saw it. It was a good episode. I wrote on another blog that I'm happy there is a show that is willing to have a conversation about art. I read some interesting reviews form the so called "art world" after last season. But all in all I like it.

  5. I love this show! I watched last season and it was incredible. This one is good, too. Dusty's my favorite! (He's a fellow art educator).

    Although it was definitely his time to go, The Sucklord was starting to grow on me as a person.

  6. I liked Pat's summary, too funny. BTW, I went to school with the aw shucks guy.