Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another episode in the adventures of Mr. E at the NAEA convention

On Friday, Art Project Girl Erica and I took Mr. E and met up with blogger Rachel from Color, Collage, and much more. We went to lunch where he shared a taco with Rachel.

Then he had a nice salad for dinner with me and blogger Marcia from Art is Basic (formerly known as Vivid Layers) at the Pig 'n' Whistle. Delicious!

And then off to explore the yummies at the M&M store!

Then a walk in a cold rain through Time Square,

and finally back to the 26th floor for a good night's sleep!

Stay tuned for some fabulous photos of the AMAZING Chuck Close and a walk through MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art.

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  1. :)Cold rains are much better than the rough weather we had yesterday!!!!!!!!!!I'm kind of lookin' spookie with the one eye missing!! ha ha like I can't wait to see the fun had at the MoMa!