Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's the 4th grade annual cave adventure!

Huh? Where is everybody??

Oh. There they are.

Fourth graders are in 'caves' under my tables. The caves are made with sheets of cardboard and big pieces of fabric, and flashlights are their torches.

Today 4th graders were practicing drawing animals while in their caves. In their next art class they'll go back into the caves where they will paint their animals directly on those hunks of cave wall that they made.


  1. So, so fun!! Makes me want to be there in a cave!!

  2. So Phyl, I guess great minds think alike? I just built "caves" in my new glass display cases last week. I "installed" my first grader's cave paintings and my third grade "bone" carvings together, illuminated by "torch lights" (battery operated candles). My principal told me it was my best display EVER. I know your kids will always remember this wonderful experience you made possible for them. Years ago, I lined up all of the tables in the art room(pre-renovation)and covered the tables down to the floor with crumpled brown kraft roll paper and had the kids lay on their backs and "paint" the "ceiling " of their section of the cave with PreHistoric animals. All I can remember is how destroyed my knee caps were, crawlingg around the "cave" linoleum floor!Ha!


  3. Hands Down! You are the best art teacher EVER! Love looking at your blog!!