Thursday, May 10, 2012

Can I "bee" in the garden?

The art room has been a flurry of activity every minute this week. The 6th graders have been showing up at lunch time, study hall, after school, every spare moment, and inside of one week they have built this adorable bumble bee and this almost-complete caterpillar, as well as the cutie-pie ladybug, snake,and pea pod below, and more.

There's also a butterfly, a tomato, and about a dozen GIANT packages of seeds on stakes. You'll have to wait for the photos of next week's art show to see them, but I guarantee - they are sweet! Love the "get it done NOW" attitude I've seen in my 6th graders this week as they rallied to pull it off in record time. They will be rewarded with an opportunity to make plaster bandage finger puppets beginning next week.

And now for another sideways photo......


  1. I am getting really anxious to see this garden!!!!

    1. Me too, Christie - I'm just holding my breath and crossing my fingers hoping I'll find a way to get it all to stay up as per my vision. And also a way to get the Chihuly tower (which is now done!) down the stairs and halls without losing too many bottles......

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  3. Oh wow!! those are really amazing!!! I simply love your room, it gives off nice vibes through pictures!!

  4. I adore the pea pod and the caterpillar. Please take pics of the whole display when its done.

    Rina at