Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tried and true

Who doesn't like ice cream? The challenge to my 1st graders was to make their ice cream pictures with construction paper scraps and glue sticks and NO SCISSORS. They had to use their little fingers to tear the paper. It was a challenge!! In their next art class, we jazzed them up with black and white tempera (slightly thinned) and leftover glitter glue for 'bling'.

Meanwhile, just like so many of you, the 'falling backwards' project is great for the end of the year when the kids aren't very focused any more. I'm not giving 'credit' for this project to any other blogger, because, honestly, I found this idea in a book of easy lesson ideas when I first began teaching elementary students 27 years ago. The book was already quite old and dusty when I discovered it!

And how about this? I've seen lots of bloggers posting various fingerprint lessons, so I can't say where I found this first. Sorry I can't give credit. :(
Here's how we did it: The jar was a directed drawing - a smile, straight lines up, angle in, another smile, little straight lines up, another smile, and then a rainbow. Easy peasy. Then I put fingerpaint in the wells of a muffin-tin size container, and then put little sponges in each color and flipped them over. The kids dabbed their fingers on the sponges to ink their fingers for the fingerprints. At this point it looked like our jars were filled with jellybeans!
In the next art class we added all the bug details, colored the cover, and cut and pasted it on construction paper.


  1. Sometimes it's difficult to source an idea when it's one that just plain been around forever. I love that the art community is so good about sourcing, but sometimes it's just something you did yourself as a kid, and it's hard to come up with the origin of the project!

  2. The fingerprint projects remind me of Ed Emberley's books!