Monday, May 7, 2012

quickie post

I have removed my email address from my profile. Today my husband and I dealt with credit card fraud. We had two of those very pricey fancy coffee makers charged to our account, which is pretty funny, since I don't drink coffee at all and have never even used a coffee maker, and my husband usually has just one cup in the morning.

So I realize it doesn't necessarily have ANYTHING to do with the blog, but I know that with over 600 people following me I need to maintain a little privacy I guess. I have had some "off blog" email conversations with some of you and I'm still willing to do that, but if you want to reach me via email, you will have to leave a comment on my post with YOUR email address. You can type it out, spelling "dot" and leaving spaces, so that you are not so open for spamming. Does that make sense?

Thanks, friends.

By the way, the lilacs are in my backyard and I am hopeful they won't all die off before Friday when we do our annual 1st grade lilac paintings.


  1. Jeesh! Those crooks and lowlifes are crawling out of the woodwork these days!I hope your bank reimbursed you! Your lilac's are beautiful!

    1. Oh yeah, no problem with the bank. We went through it one other time, more thatn 1/2 dozen years ago. We were in ALASKA - having toured the Inside Passage via cruise ship and were making our way north to Fairbanks on the wonderful train. We had spent a night at a lodge at Denali and suddenly had a problem using our credit card for breakfast. The card company had discovered the bogus charges before we did and canceled our number immediately. Luckily we traveled with more than one credit card, since, uh, Denali is a LONG way from home.

      But I definitely do NOT want to shut off communication with people like you who I consider friends even though we've never met. You have my email address; save it!

  2. Hmmmm...I can smell those lilacs all the way out here in AZ. Used to have a bush in my parents backyard in IA growing up - miss the smell of lilacs and peonies this time of year.
    So sorry to hear of your financial problems - it will get better!

  3. Ick!! I'll give this some thought!! Such a pain to deal with having to get new cards!!

  4. To the gal who has been posting comments on my blog in an attempt to advertise some photo printing paper: I will continue to delete any and all comments such as the one I just deleted, and the other I deleted a few days ago on a different post. I am not interested in my blog being used as a place for your (or anyone else's) free advertisements, so please do not waste your time posting those comments, even though I'm glad you liked my lilacs. Yes they smell wonderful!