Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Coil pots with air dry clay

Here's a sample of this year's batch of 4th grade air-dry coil pots, painted with acrylics.

And I forgot to post this year's batch of 1st grade lilac paintings, so before they come down off the wall, here's a quickie look.

Here's a new look at our Chihuly Rainbow Tower, currently at rest in our school's central atrium. The prom was last Saturday night, and their theme was "candy & sweets" or something like that, and they were quite happy to have the tower there as it went with the bright cheerful color scheme of the prom. If you've made some sort of collaborative project like this, what did you do with it after-the-fact?.


  1. The tower got librarian wanted the hanging ones.

    1. Oh dear, so much for recycling. It's probably what will happen to mine in the end though too. :(

  2. It would be a huge shame to just recycle it! Would the school library want it as a sculptural piece for display? or would you be able to dismantle it and let the kids take pieces of it home? I would think your kids would jump at the chance to have pieces of it! Especially if they had a hand in its creation!