Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Arts in Education Week - Sept. 12-18

Today Susan Bivona, at her blog Art on the Move at http://art-on-the-move.blogspot.com/ posted that the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution declaring the week following the second Sunday in September (this year Sept. 12-18) as Arts in Education Week. Please check out her blog for more detailed information. I wanted to thank Susan for posting this bit of art advocacy, but couldn't figure out to leave a comment on her blog. So I'll say thank you here and hope she reads this!

I think it is vital for those of us who are teachers of the visual arts to be strong advocates for our programs, since we are often first on the chopping block. Somehow music and performing arts programs seem to have an easier time gettting public support, I think because of the performance aspect. Moms and dads love to come watch their kids on stage, and love the opportunity to clap and cheer. They don't always do that for visual arts.

By the way - the artwork at the top of the post was painted in tempera by a 3rd grader, as part of an Andy Warhol lesson. Those directly above are also by 3rd graders. We read a book (Uncle Andy's, by James Warhola) that told about a visit to visit Andy Warhol and his 25 cats. There is now another book, Uncle Andy's Cats, that is also a fun way to learn more about Andy Warhol. We discovered how simple it is to draw cats: all you need is a meatloaf (the body) arranged as desired for sleeping, standing, or sitting, a meatball (the head),paws as needed (depending on the pose), a tail, and some basic face features (triangle ears, upside down rounded triangle nose, whiskers, etc) to be successful.

The kitty portraits below were painted by 2nd graders.


  1. I just love the crown and curly whiskers on the second graders Warhol Cat! I totally agree that music gets more funding then visual art . . . I just don't get why? Maybe it is the whole stage thing!

  2. Hi Phyl - Thanks for the mention on your blog and the Thank You and the "Versatile Blogger Award". I will work on that ASAP! I am on vacation at a beautiful lake in NH with iffy internet connection. I have to catch it when I can - like RIGHT NOW! I posted today about NEW advocacy resources on the NAEA website! Check it out and let's all CELEBRATE National Art Education Week!

  3. Thanks for posting this...I am a "career changer" and just graduated with my master of art ed...so i am a trying to follow all that is going on now, especially with trying to find a job at a not so great time for the arts!

  4. Oooh, I gotta think of what I'm gonna do to celebrate this! Also, for the messy spill in my art room I was mixing up watercolor ink and liquid soap for bubble printing. You blow into a bowl of the mix with a straw and the bubbles are over the rim of the bowl, you drop a piece of paper on the bubbles, and voila! You have a print of the actual bubbles. I did it with 4 year olds which was hilarious. . .but very messy. Also, I've got some ideas i can send to you for original works (but you're soo awesome, i doubt they top what you do!). It may be easiest to do it over email. what is yours? I'm artful.artsy.amy@gmail.com OOOOH! AND a huge ty for the versatile blogger award. i'm gonna do a coool write up about it soon.

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