Monday, August 16, 2010

The return of Lucy, and my son in flight

These photos are of my crazy son on his 216m bungee off the Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa. It has been called the world's highest commercial bungee, though there's one slightly higher from a tower in China. I guess it depends whether or not the Chinese one still has an actively running a commercial operation. He said it was very smooth, but being that I break into a sweat even driving over a much lower and smaller bridge, I have my doubts that I'd ever want to jump off of one. Thank God he made it home safely!

Anyhow, I put him on my blog tonight to thank him, because a few minutes ago he helped me out. He fixed my original blog heading with its photo of Lucy, the dragon who really does reside in my art room, so she should fit appropriately in the new blog design. I'm glad to have her back where she belongs! Thanks, Ben :-)

Below is a photo of the Bloukrans Bridge. The bungee operation would be right below that truck in the center of the bridge. Yikes!!!!!


  1. My heart is RAISING just looking at these photos. I am envious of the adrenaline rush but I think my heart would explode! That is so insane! LOVE THE NEW HEADER it looks really cool with the wallpaper:) Lucy is right at home here!

  2. WHOA! My bro jumped off some huge bridge in New Zealand last year. My heart did the same flip-flop when I saw his pics as when I saw your son's!!!

    And, I did a quick posting about what RSS readers are over on my blog! :)