Monday, August 2, 2010

Changing the blog AGAIN???

SO. Is this blog thing just a lot of smoke drifting away? No way! I think we all learn so much from each other and I'm not just blowing smoke!!!

Here's the problem: I've been told that some of my blog visitors are having trouble leaving comments on my blog since I transformed it. I'm totally confused about how to fix it and I cannot get it back to the way I started. So tonight I ended up going crazy designing this newest look, but I doubt it's permanent because it may be way to busy. Please bear with me until I find something that really works with my dragon, because she's not leaving my blog! And continue to try try try to leave me comments. If for some reason my blog won't let you post a comment, please go to my profile and send me an email to let me know. I just edited my profile to include my email address so you can do this. I want to solve the problem!

Thanks, faithful followers! You are the best! And thanks Mrs. Hahn for telling me that I had a problem, so I didn't just wonder if nobody was reading me any more.


  1. Hi Phyl - OK, let's see if the comments are working?!? It is so hard to decide "the look". My blog was so traditional and BORING, finally last spring I gave it a make-over! I love the change -- but with the rest of you making changes it's giving me the itch!!! OK - hope this works!

  2. Thanks Susan, but I'll change it again. It doesn't work with my dragon. And oops I forgot your kumihimo instructions - first thing in the AM!

  3. I'm sorry Phyl- I had to go into firefox again to comment on your site. Safari is not working for your comments but it still is for other blogs.


  4. Is this another template from the 'easy to change' templates on blogger. I'm not sure if that is the problem but if you go off site and try one of the free templates then we will know. That is what I had to do. Just trouble shooting with ya.


  5. Im still reading, I like all the colour it looks like your dragon is making fireworks!

  6. Phil, I did like the fireworks style you had last night!! Hang in there.Cheryl