Sunday, August 8, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

A cool surprise - I have received a Versatile Blogger Award from Bea at http://http// She informed me about my award by leaving a comment on my Toothpaste Batik post, which was one of my earliest blog postings, so it was a stroke of luck that I found her comment!

So, THANK YOU BEA!! It's always nice being recognized or appreciated. And by the way, I definitely plan to do toothpaste batik with my 5th graders again probably in October, but with a totally different theme than this past year's Victorian architectural trim design motivation. You'll have to check back to see.... :-)

Now - there are some rules that come with this award and I'm going to try my best to comply, even if it takes me a while.

Rule #1: Thank the person who gave you your award.
  • I've already said it above, but it's definitely worth saying again - THANKS, BEA!!
Rule #2: Share 7 things about yourself

  1. I have been teaching art for 33-1/2 years!!!! And I still love it!
  2. In my spare time I have too many hobbies - I bead, I paint, I sew, etc etc...
  3. I have a son who is currently recording a CD with his college band, The Radium Girls. The band has been staying at my house while recording. Three 21 year-old boys can eat a LOT (but they are great guys and I hope they are enjoying their stay).
  4. I have a nice husband who doesn't make fun of my crazy ideas or my singing in the car.
  5. I'm completely neurotic, especially when driving in traffic or over bridges.
  6. I love books, especially good fiction. I've been in a book club for over 13 years.
  7. I especially enjoy the dialogue and comraderie between bloggers!

Rule #3: Pass the award on to 15 bloggers whom you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic. (gosh, I'm a failure. I think I'm supposed to insert all their links here and post a comment on each of their blogs letting them know, but yikes I can't figure out how to do it without it taking sixteen hours.

So forgive me, bloggers, but this is too hard to do, so here are 15 bloggers I think are terrific - you can usually link to all of them by finding them on my blogroll. (I know I've probably left some of you out, so please forgive me if I did. You're terrific anyhow!:

  1. Art Project Girl (Erica)
  2. Mini Matisse (Mrs. Hahn)
  3. Artful Artsy Amy
  4. MaryMaking
  5. Useyourcoloredpencils (Anne)
  6. Kids Artists (Jacquelien)
  7. B Art Z - Elementary Art
  8. Lines, Dots, and Doodles (Holly)
  9. Adventures of an Art Teacher (Katie)
  10. Snippety Gibbet
  11. Mrs. Art Teacher
  12. Art with Mrs. Smith
  13. Fun Art 4 Kids
  14. Art Class Inspiration
  15. Art on the Move (Susan)

To the bloggers whom I've named, if you read this, you can decide if you want to pass this award on to others, as I've tried to do here. It's a bit of work to do, so I'll forgive you if you don't follow up on it, but know that I think you all all great, with great ideas and all so supportive of your fellow bloggers too! So nice to get to know you all!


  1. Awesome! Thanks Phyl! This is a good way to expand my blog reading list too. I will check out all these blogs and post 15 great ones on my site soon. Dragon is one of my daily reads:)

  2. Thanks! Check out my response and some of the blogs I love... many of them are the same as yous. Hope you enjoy.

  3. Thanks so much! You are one of my favorite blogs too.

  4. Hey, there I am:) Thanks so much for including me, I so admire your thoughtful comments and wisdom!