Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Bad Case of Stripes - 2nd version

This 2nd grade project was based on the book A Bad Case of Stripes.

Last year, in first grade, students all became models and drew each other, using ovals and circles ("sausage links") to assemble the body. I had the kids stand up and try various poses to see how their bodies could bend or slant. Using skinny markers to avoid erasing and worrying, students drew the models using a separate "sausage" for each part. We noted that our hips tilt separately from our body, so we used a circle for the hips. Each student had a turn to be a model, striking a different pose.

For this year's project, we recalled/reviewed this process, and then with pencil constructed a figure using circles and ovals. We traced around it with a Sharpie, attempting to add some clothing shapes, and then went color-crazy with markers for our very GOOD case of stripes (and patterns and colors).

We used the "biggie" paints - really, really REALLY old solid tempera cakes that last forever, to paint a page of stripes - some made them straight - vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and some made them curvy. We used big buckets of water so that it didn't need to be changed too often.

Finally we cut out the person we'd made and glued it on to the striped paper.
Voila! Here are our wonderful 2nd grade results!
The bulletin board!


  1. These look awesome especially all together!!

  2. oooh wild things and fauves is really brilliant! I truly original idea run with it!