Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things will be better tomorrow

Here's a photo from the Tintswalo Safari Lodge in South Africa, from my son's safari experience. I need it tonight to inspire some calmness. Aaah...

I was going to leave a great post tonight, about my 6th grade beginning-of-school project, but instead I broke my glasses when I got out the car and I'm a grumpy mess and not thinking clearly. They are those lightweight titanium frames that are supposedly unbreakable - yeah, right... ha ha ha! Luckily, I have an old pair, but the prescription is several years old, they look silly, and I feel uncomfortably out-of-whack. I swear, I can't even answer the phone without my glasses so hopefully I won't have to wait too many days to get a replacement arm.


  1. Hi Phyl,
    We all have those days for sure! You picked the "perfect" picture from your son, which reminds us to "look on the bright side!"
    Yep, things will be better tomorrow.

  2. Thanks, Tisha! I tried to fix it with every glue imaginable, with no success. BUT - luckily for me, I'm a beader, and late last night I found a crimp tube that just fit the tiny ends of the broken arm, and I crimped them together. That alone didn't hold, so on top of and all around the crimp I globbed some E-6000 glue (it's a really strong glue) and this morning it has held enough to get me through the day. Yippee!!

  3. So clever! Not having the right glasses really can throw you. I wear contacts and when I have to wear my old glasses I feel like I'm sleeping through the day. I think you should rock the masking tape look:)