Saturday, September 18, 2010

Name projects Part 2 - grade 1

This project really has me cracking up - the results are SO darn CUTE! I had my first graders lightly print their names, and then trace around them with a Sharpie. Then we added some Sharpie lines radiating out from the letters to the edge of the paper. Some kids caught on, others... well, they interpreted it in their own unique first grader way!

In case you can't find the names, it's Makayla and Viviana (above); and below is Amelia, Braiden; Andrew, John; then Wesley, Aleya; and finally Gracie, followed by the display of a bunch of them together.

We filled in the spaces with all sorts of designs and patterns.

Some 1st graders have gotten so into the details they put them away to work on again in a third art class! I was amazed at how they got so involved filling every little space with some sort of design. I'm very proud of them.


  1. I love this art project! Just decided to use it with my Grade 1's. One thing I changed was that they left their names blank, and only did patterns and designs on the outside sections. I just did this to make their names stand out a bit more. Such a fun project! Thanks so much for the idea!!

    1. Ha ha Esther; I think my original plan actually WAS to leave the letters blank, but I guess my little first graders just didn't see it that way! Have fun with the lesson; thanks for visiting my blog!