Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Twin Towers

I found these peaceful "Twin Towers" a few days ago while kayaking in the marsh. It seemed fitting to show them to you at this time.
I'm sitting here late on the eve of Rosh Hashanah, watching the late news, including emotional stories of bigotry, hatred, and fear. Earlier today, I had a great day, seeing my first groups of kids at school, and talked with them about the importance of treating each other (and our environment) with respect. Our school's "golden rule" with our elementary kids is "Never hurt anyone on the inside or outside." If we can all get along in the art room, why is it so impossible in society? It seems that our country is exploding with hatred, especially directed at one religious group. We need to remember that every religious faction has it's sub-group of radicals, and we shouldn't assume these extremists represent the whole group. It all saddens me. What has happened to respect?
By the way, there were three of these turtles sunning themselves on the log, until I turned on my camera to take this photo... Plop, plop!
I promise, next time I post it will be back to art lessons and not religion or politics..... We started some great stuff today that I'm looking forward to being able to share with you.

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