Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fun and fundraiser

Both projects I'm posting here today have been shamelessly borrowed from other bloggers. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

Unfortunately, I can't find the blog that posted the dragonflies last year, I think to give credit for the idea. I thought it was Deep Space Sparkle, but I couldn't find the lesson there, so now I'm not sure. If it's your lesson, please let us know! Please note the artwork posted has both a sun in the corner and a face on the sun. I did not say no to the 9 year old artist, and frankly, I absolutely love the joyful look of the whole piece.

The zebra project (that's a complete bulletin board in the photo) came from Anne at She credits someone else at her blog, but it was her post that really grabbed me.

Back to the dragonflies ~ they were done by grade 4 for the fundraiser project I'm currently completing for our PTSA. The PTSA is very nice to me, subsidizing much of the cost of matting and framing student artwork for permanent display, so I would never say no to the fundraiser. But it's a struggle to come up with ideas, as I consider it sort of a throwaway lesson, that is intended to sell rather than for learning, and that never gets displayed in the school. I have to get them done quickly to meet deadline, so we dive in, complete them, and then move on to my 'real' lessons. I do something different with every grade level, and I change it each year so siblings don't bring home the same artwork as their older sibling the year before.

These cardboard and clothespin zebras are not a typical lesson for me, but just couldn't be resisted. My son went to South Africa and took this photo of a zebra on safari, which I showed the kids:
Then the 3rd grade teacher told me they were studying South Africa, and with Open House coming soon it seemed like a fun way to get a bulletin board up quickly, so in between steps on our PTSA project, the 3rd graders also made these adorable zebras. They are a real hit in the school!


  1. I just love that zebra mural! I've got to do one. I did the dragonflies on flowers in the spring. But I got the idea from Art Lessons (elementraryartfun.blogspot) where she had a variety of close-up insects. That top dragonfly is wonderful. Glad you didn't edit the artist too!

  2. I love those zebras jumping over the moon, phyl. Looks great!

  3. Fab!!! I just love how it looks! Very cool!

  4. Love the dragonflies for your fundraiser idea...I might have to try that one. I'm getting bored with using the same projects every year for the fundraiser.