Thursday, October 27, 2011


Anyone else having blogger issues tonight?

I tried uploading photos of today's snowfall (YES, SNOW!) shot out my classroom window, about 16 times. ERROR.

Then I tried uploading photos of a project with results that have me exceptionally excited. I really want to share these photos with you all!!!

I removed all the photos from my laptop and re-loaded them in off my camera. Then I tried to upload them to blogger again. I tried some of the same photos, some different ones.

Error message after error message after error message.

I've been working on it for hours, all through the finale of Project Runway, and this is all I have to show. Nothing. (Though, speaking of Project Runway, if I was tall, skinny, long-legged, and flat-chested, none of which in the slightest bit even remotely describes me, I'd love to wear Anya's gorgeous flowing outfits.)

Rats to Blogger. How come everyone else has been posting photos tonight?


  1. Oddly enough several of my recent posted photos had been replaced by reversed type explanation marks. Why just a few? I finally just deleted them. Hope your situation gets resolved soon. I'd love to see some October snow!

  2. After reading your post I was nervous about trying to post photos tonight, but luckily I had no problems. I am looking forward to seeing your snow AND art result photos. Maybe tomorrow Blogger will be more cooperative:)

  3. sometimes I have to use a different browser to upload and I get better luck...I'm not sure why this happens but it IS frustrating!

  4. Thanks, Keri. I actually had tried both Firefox and Internet Explorer and nothing worked, but today everything is OK again!! I guess I've been bloggered.