Sunday, October 16, 2011

Layered Landscapes with Swirly Skies

I'm so happy with the results of this project. My 2nd graders were fascinated learning about Vincent Van Gogh, and had a great time imitating swirly skies by using our multicolor crayons (the kind I made by melting crayons into a muffin tin) for layers of texture rubbings.

When the skies were complete, the kids each tore a couple of 8"x18" construction paper in half horizontally, and used the torn pieces to create 2 layers of a landscape. Then we discussed "near and far", and how things close up look bigger, and far away look smaller (kind of a primary lesson in perspective). They cut scraps of paper to make houses, trees, and more, making big ones for the front layer, medium ones in the middle, and small ones in the distance. We used crayons and markers to add details when the glue was dry. I was impressed at how well the kids got the concept, even adding in some roads and sidewalks, narrowing as they recede. Aren't they terrific?


  1. Great displays! I love seeing their artwork all together it nearly explodes with creativity. I laugh when I see your Near and Far comment because I do this impression of GROVER (from sesame street) for Stella. I run up close to her (like grover would) and say NNEEEEEAAAARRRR in my best grover voice then run backwards and say FAAAAAARRR. It makes her laugh every time. Random comment I know! Happy Sunday and the texture is very cool.

  2. Oh, I love that you do that with Stella. The problem with so many kids nowadays is that nobody TALKS to them, and it is a terrific learning opportunity lost. You see their moms pushing them in the shopping cart, and instead of talking to the child, they're on their cell phones. Or the kids are busy with electronics rather than engaged in conversation. I think for those of us who are teachers, it comes naturally to communicate verbally with our children. I remember when Ben was a baby, always counting the stairs out loud when I carried him up. It never occurred to me NOT to talk to him. I'm sure it's the same with you. And Stella will always remember what near and far mean!

  3. Cell Phones! OMG. Stella is obsessed. I don't even talk on it like most people do but I put it on one end of the room and she will crawl (like an army guy on her elbows) to the other end of the room to get it! It is a huge incentive for her. This girl is unfortunately obsessed with electronics along with all my students. . . they make paper cell phones in art during their work time (I in turn pretend to call their parents on their paper cell phone which they find hilarious then throw them in the garbage.) Fortunately I don't watch TV with her because I know she's probably getting sesame street at the babysitters anyways. Whatever you did with Ben I'm doing with Stella, he is awesome. We will be counting stairs tomorrow;)