Thursday, October 13, 2011

Too funny!

Sometimes my students do things that totally crack me up. That happened today.

Let me start by saying that, as the years have gone by, I've gotten more relaxed about cleanup. I'm passionate about making sure paintbrushes are well-cleaned, since I don't want to have to replace them, but I worry a little less about some other stuff. There are days, like today, that not everyone was doing something messy. The only ones painting were those 5th graders who were still finishing projects. So I asked the last kids cleaning (in retrospect, these included a few funny, impish boys) to check that there were no brushes left in the sink. I've known the kids long enough to trust that if I ask, they will do the job. So today I didn't check up on them when they said that everything had been cleaned up.

Fast-forward a few hours and I'm packing my bags to go home, and I noticed my big tub of sponges was almost empty. Where had the sponges gone? I peeked into the sink, and there they were, soggy wet, and neatly stuffed individually into my Kool-Aid water containers.

I had a good laugh, but will reprimand the boys (lovingly) tomorrow, since the wet sponges tend to fall apart if not allowed to dry out between uses. I'm sure they were waiting to see what my reaction would be when I found their artistic creation in the sink. Too funny!


  1. Maybe you can let them know that you have immortalized their creative effort photographically on your blog!!

  2. Teee heee... that is pretty funny. I'm not sure I'd be laughing having to clean up after thinking I was ready to leave, but overall that was a pretty sneaky trick! I find little things left for me in weird places... not sure if it is the kids, custodian, or some very naughty fairy that visits at night.

  3. I think it's funny because I too have that impish impulse way too often........

  4. LOL!
    Kids are just great aren't they :)

  5. What? Why? Putting sponges in dirty water? You have a lot of patience my dear friend. . . I find myself just looking curiously at the way some kids clean up. I used to have some pretty rough around the edges classes but BOY they knew how to clean up. Within a half hour at the end of the day every surface would be shining. They hated to see a thing out of place or a paint drip on a counter top. I never even had to give a direction they just came in and went to town. Now I have to hold their hand and give them a prize just to put up chairs and sweep! They too do some strange installation pieces in my room!

  6. Kid humor is sometimes my favorite kind