Friday, October 28, 2011

Will blogger like me better today?

First snowfall, out the art room window. The ground was white by the time I got home.

This morning, just some ground cover left. Brrrr.....

Not too much snow, compared to some pics I saw posted by a Colorado blogger, but still, our first of the season and baby's it's COLD outside.

Yeah! Blogger let me upload photos today!


  1. We're getting more tonight. I'm SO not ready for it. Raked all day to get the leaves out of the way.

  2. Have you had issues with your latest post not showing up in anyone else's blogroll? I just noticed my most recent one showing up is from a week ago and I've made several posts. I've looked all over and have not found a solution! Arg... just wondering if this ever happened to you and what you did : )

  3. Gee, Hannah, I'm completely flummoxed! I just checked my blogger dashboard, and you are correct, even there it's showing your apple prints as your most recent post. But, when I click on you link on my blogroll, even though it shows the apple prints, it does bring me to your newest post. I don't see that this is happening to anyone else, so I don't have an answer.. Not even sure I have a suggestion how to fix. Why not try something crazy - save them to draft then republish? Maybe change the dates on them? Re-publish in a different browser? (you know me, I like to blame EVERYTHING on Internet Explorer...) Wish I had a better idea.