Friday, December 23, 2011

My latest art project

Here I am with the "Golden Latke" trophy that I built for my temple's first ever Latke-Fest. If you don't know what a latke is, it is a traditional food for Chanukah, a potato pancake fried in oil and usually served with either applesauce or sour cream. (Actually, the winning latke was serverd with a trio of sauces; chunky apple-cinnamon, raspberry, and a fabulous wasabi. YUM!)
I totally forgot to photograph the trophy, after spending HOURS in my classroom after school constructing it, but the Jewish World newspaper published a few photos of the Latke Fest including this one with me and my trophy.

You can't tell, but the latke is made with shredded paper and papier-mache paste. The frying pan is made from a dollar store tin plate and spatula, and the tilted pan has a puddle of "oil" that appears to be dripping over the edge. The oil is made from Pour-On, which is this amazing stuff that dries crystal clear and is self-leveling.


  1. That is cool! I once made a turkey leg trophy when I was in high school. Some of the teachers volunteered to let us photograph their legs and students voted with change to raise money for the community Thanksgiving dinner. I would love to try latkes sometime. I saw a recipe a couple years ago but I don't think they quite turned out the way they are supposed to. Not a lot of Jewish people in my corner of Kansas to teach me how to make them! :)

    I'm also interested to see how you spell "Chanukah" since I was just trying to look up the correct spelling the other day. You see it spelled lots of different ways.

  2. This is amazing! Great pic!

    I need to make an art class of the month trophy! I might just take your lead and do something crazy during the break. Getting CRAZY with paper mache sounds like a Friday night to me!