Thursday, December 15, 2011

Grade 4's Rizzi style Silly City!

Our 4th grade James Rizzi mural is complete, and ready to hang!

I cut up a heap of foam core scraps, and students each made a building. When they were done, they used the extra pieces to either make a car, or an extra building, or some other odds and ends, such as the airplane, the sun, and the moon.


  1. Phyl
    This mural is SO great!! I've been waiting to see what you all created with your foam core. As you know, we will be creating with foam core (with Rizzi as the inspiration) in January. I'll be having the 5th graders work on the project (not a mural, though). I know you have struggled in the past with how to divide up a mural in the end. I am curious, how will you deal with the issue with this one? Also, did your kids have any trouble cutting their foam core cars, etc.? I have pre-cut the buildings but was planning to have students cut their own cars, etc, too, but I am wondering whether that will be a problem. PLEASE tell your kiddos what a great job they have done!! Christie

  2. Love this colorful Rizzi city! You can just tell the kids loved making their pieces. I'm inspired!

  3. Christie - to cut the cars I have a special craft scissor thingy that I got at the dollar store ages ago. They were not too carefully cut.

    As for dividing up the mural - first of all, the mural will stay together until after our art show in May. Then, we will try to pop off the buildings - they are attached with hot glue.
    If they break, I don't think anyone will be too upset, because this whole thing was really QUICK. It took practically no time at all to make the buildings, and I kept the glue gun plugged in and kept jamming on the stuff as it got done.

    And yes, Christie, I've wondered what YOU are going to do with your foam core too!

  4. This is such a show stopper!!!!! I have come back a few times to look at it! I forgot my user id which is why I didn't comment sooner. . .

  5. Phyl,

    This is so cool! You really should write this up for SchoolArts magazine! I bet they would use it for the cover design! Fantastic!!!


  6. Erica and Pat, you are too kind - this was such a quick easy project for the kids - not so easy for me, as I hot glued the foam core road on the cardboard to make the road, and then had to figure out how to fit everyone's buildings and cars on the thing. And then I made the sign label for the middle when we were out of stuff to glue on. I was hoping some kids would make more hearts or a peace sign or something but they were done and ready to move on because their 4th grade teachers had started their unit on the Iroquois and told the kids we'd be making wampum belts in art. They didn't want to wait to start them, so here we go!

  7. By the way, Erica, how do you forget your user ID? I have my computer set to remember it automatically so I never have to actually type it in. Nobody uses my laptop but me, and frankly, even if my husband did use it he wouldn't be the slightest bit interested in anything I'm doing in bloggy-land.

  8. I don't know it logged me out at one point! I hadnt logged in in so long that I had to reset it! Human weaving is going to make me weave again with the kids! It is a shame you don't have a kiln I think you might come up with a pottery/ weaving project.