Sunday, December 25, 2011

My friend Paul's annual Christmas "art project"

When I first met Paul, probably around 1980, he was doing "string art". You know, the stuff where you hammer in nails and wrap strings around to create designs. I tried not to pass judgment, because he was a good friend, but to me the "string art" was akin to painting on velvet. Shlock.
This is a little Christmas village viewed in a window.

But now cars line up in front of Paul's house every night during the winter holiday season, and both kids and adults get out to push buttons and make little displays light up, and figures move, and music play, and make donations that help the needy. These photos only show a tiny part of the whole display. You can push a button to make Santa's helicopter come to life on the roof, or view the work going on in Santa's Workshop, which is a little building with a viewing window. The HUGE tower pictured below has a changing color light show set to music every 15 minutes. Tonight when we drove over to visit, Paul was outside in the frigid temperatures (about 15 degrees) greeting kids and suggesting buttons for them to push and telling them to look up at a window in the house where suddenly an animatronic rock & roll Santa and his band began to play and sing. It's all pretty magical, even though we have no snow. And possibly a little insane, just like my dear old friend!!!


  1. I always am amazed at displays like this. It is such a visible demonstration of the creative spirit and I'm in awe of the dedication it takes to pull such a large project together!!

  2. Happy Hanukkah to are Jewish? Right? I think I remember that being said. :) ha ha Anyways...happy time of Joy & Light...Love & Peace....and may God continue to bless you as you have blessed so many!!!

  3. What a wonderful display. The children must love the interation with the lights! My husband gets into the welding of the lights displays in our town. It keeps him busy from September - November, but he really enjoys it.

  4. Yes, Mr. E, I'm Jewish. But my husband is not, so we celebrate both holidays in our home. Thanks for your lovely wishes, and right back at you, and all my readers too!

  5. Oy Vey, Phyl! Happy Hannukah! I'm sorry I was remiss in sending my warmest wishes to you and yours during the Festival of Lights. I also love your neighbor's display of lights but more importantly the fact that he's raising money for charity by creating the displays. And speaking of no snow, it's 50 degrees here in Omaha today!!!