Friday, December 2, 2011

Another late afternoon in the art room......

After school today first I straightened up the yarn for grade 5 weavings. (Wait till you see what we're doing! They will be awesome!) Warm colors; cool colors; neutrals and earth tones; and variegated yarns. And by the way, yes, that's Lucy the dragon resting under the table, in her dragon-den. Don't put your hand down there - you never know what kind of mood she's in!

Then I hot glued this road and cut up a bunch of foam core for a 4th grade project. Big plans!

And I hot glued CD's on tagboard for a 2nd grade project. The kiddos are very excited.

And I cut hunks of sheet rock (Drywall) scraps for a 6th grade project, after discarding any pieces with fiberglass. If you want a hint what we'll be doing with it, check out this old post of mine. And by the way, contrary to what I said in that old post, this year the stuff with fiberglass had brown backing, and the good stuff was gray or brownish-gray.

And I took the wrappers off pieces of construction paper crayons. I'm going to try melting them into rainbow crayons this weekend, but I don't know if they melt like regular crayons. I got a great tip from Pinterest to help get off the wrappers. Basically, I soaked them in some warm water, and the wrappers slipped right off. When I'm done, I promise I'll let you know if they melt OK.

And I straightened up the collection boxes for cardboard rolls, cereal boxes, and also water bottles, all being saved for some current and upcoming projects.

And finally, friend C (whose classroom is no longer near mine) called to see if I was still in my room. It was Friday, and getting late (and also cold and dark outside) but she knew I'd probably still be there. So since I was there but had done enough work, she made the trek up to my room for a bit of 'puzzle therapy'. Here's what we're working on.
Heck, it was too late to go to the gym and exercise anyhow, and it was a fun treat to have a visit from C, since her classroom is no longer just down the hall. Then my lovely custodian stopped in, commented on the road I had glued and guessed what artist it related to (based on something she had seen hanging in my room) and helped with the puzzle for a moment. She admitted to us that she has taken the puzzle out from time to time after I've gone home, and put in a piece or two when she needed a brief break. (A word about this custodian - besides working in the school, she is also a talented quilter; AND she happens to only have one arm. Rock on, D, you're amazing!) Note the Peter Max bulletin board (below), which contains 4 completed puzzles since I have no Max posters. I bought them in the bargain tent at my favorite puzzle store: Piece-Time Puzzles in Northwood New Hampshire. About the bulletin board - I've had to explain to the students "No, Peter Max does not MAKE puzzles." It's a hard concept for them to understand.

Honey, I'll be home for dinner... eventually.


  1. Phyl - That was one LONG day!!! I think we are thinking along the same lines. I have bags of foam core cut very much like yours!! My 5th graders will be starting on that project in January:) Have a great week-end.

  2. Phyl, take a break! It is kinda weird and comforting at the same time that we all do what you did tonight, in our own way but very much the same. You were describing what I do whenever I don't have kids in the room-Prepare, prepare, prepare! Have a relaxing weekend!:)Pat

  3. Looks like so much fun especially the puzzle break!