Thursday, December 8, 2011

Weaving with Recycled Paper

Last year, while searching the internet, I came across this cool weaving project on a blog . The project uses recycled paper. I slightly changed it so it would work for me (and explained exactly what I did when I posted about it here). I liked the lesson so much, and it was so successful that I repeated it again this year, and here's our results.


  1. Phyl - I remember this from last year -- love it. I especially like the twisted papers!!

  2. A lot of papers could be seen around in our place that are no longer in use like our newspapers. We could make them into various kind of beautiful craft work by widening our imagination. Weaving and painting them could help us make them more attractive. Aside from that, shredding Austin, tearing, folding cutting them into pieces could be done to add more style.