Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An apology

This post contains no photos or silly pictures. It is simply an apology to those of you I sometimes communicate with "off-blog" (via email), and a warning that problems can come out of nowhere.

My email was compromised today and you might have been sent a spam email from 'me' but it was not really me. It contained a link that was inappropriate, offensive, and nothing of the sort I would EVER send someone, even as a joke. I know this because some recipients opened it.

I have removed yesterday's blog post because I was concerned that there may have been some connection, since I was wondering about an email I had received that related to my blog. I am also in the process of changing passwords everywhere. (Now how will I remember them all??)

I guess this is the risk we run into when we communicate so openly with people who are otherwise strangers. The number of people who read this blog, for example, has grown exponentially since I signed up with pinterest, but I don't really want to close any accounts or turn away any readers. I guess I just need to toughen up to the realities of the world today.

Ironically, I am usually extremely careful with emails. I choose words carefully and don't send out silly video links or goofy websites. But sometimes things happen anyhow.

Thanks for reading,


  1. Changing passwords is your best defense against hackers (who accessed your email). Use a stickie note on your computer to remember a strong password-that's what I do!
    And don't stress over that last email from the "spammer". I get about 10 of these a day. You become familiar with them when they tell you you've been nominated for an award, which turns out to be just a link generating scam and by those wishing you to invest in something. They used to drive me crazy but now I just deal with them and move on.
    So don't close yourself off from Pinterest or anything else. Just like you said, it's a risk, but we're all in it together and understand.

    1. oh no! I think most people know that if they receive a lewd email that is uncharacteristic that it is just spam.

  2. Ugh. What a pain in the neck. I'm sorry to hear that something so ugly happened to you. Jan

  3. Thanks Patty. I'm not signing off Pinterest or anything. I'm mostly upset about the people in my email address book that I haven't spoken to in years, receiving a lewd email from me. These are the people in my address book who maybe worked with me decorating for our kids' after-prom party, or planning a swim team dinner, a scout or orchestra event, etc. but who really don't know me too well. It's just embarrassing.

  4. I know I got a weird message from "you" about pharmaceuticals??? I meant to tell you this morning but then my dog Kodi was lethargically sick and I was running like crazy to get Stella to the babysitter! I hope you aren't hacked! Kodi ended up having disease from ticks not lyme though a new thing going around that only horses used to get. He is on a lot of meds and seems a little better! I had to literally pick him up before he was so sore and now he's walking thank goodness! I have no idea why these hackers would ever mess with teachers! We are nice until someone messes with us. Another thing, we always win.

  5. Oh and anyone would know it wasn't you if they had a clue! I was just worried that you were hacked!

  6. Some people got as many as 4 emails, and they weren't all the same. Go figure. Some people were innocent enough to open the attachments, which were not appropriate, to put it mildly.

    Hope your dog is better! What do you do with a sick dog when you have to go to work?

  7. I didn't get anything bad.

    Call my mom! What would I do without my mom?

  8. sorry this happened to you. Right after reading your post I went and changed my password!