Sunday, January 29, 2012

Are you going to the NAEA convention?

Decisions, decisions. I live in NY state, and to get to NYC from my home, it's an hour drive to Albany and then 2-1/2 hours by train. So it would not be too hard to get there, and I've NEVER been to a national convention. It sounds so exciting!!!! I love conferences!

But remember, I'm retiring in June. Can I justify the expenses of transportation, hotel, food, conference registration, and ticketed workshops, as well as using up my personal days at school, knowing that I pretty much already have the rest of the year planned out? (So I wouldn't really plan to use anything I learn at the conference.) Help me decide what to do!

Are you going? If you are, when do you plan to arrive in NY, and when are you returning home? Have you already registered? Reserved your room? Are you presenting a workshop? Have you been to a national conference before? What else can you share to help me decide?


  1. I have been to one national conference. I would LOVE to go to NY, but I don't know that I would go if I was that close to retirement and lived in NY. I want to go to NY, conference or not, so that would be my excuse. I will have to hold out for another year. So, I'm not very helpful, really. Sorry!

  2. I am on the fence about going, Phyl. I'd have to use plastic and I HATE using plastic if you know what I mean. As for you, hell yes! You should go BECAUSE it is your last year! Consider it a gift to yourself to meet up with as many of our bloggie friends as you can. Imagine the fun, sheer unadulterated joy! Museums, FOOD, museums,BROADWAY SHOWS, and then there are always the museums!!!! I am trying to talk myself into it and I haven't even checked with my district to see if there's and $ to help allay some of the expenses. But you, GO!!!!


  3. Pat, Going to NY is not a problem for me with or without a convention; as matter of fact I'll be there for a couple of nights during Feb vacation. We usually take in a museum or two, and I explore the bead stores in midtown and spend $$, and my husband goes to the library and does genealogical research. We eat some good food and put a few miles on our feet. As much as I love shows (I'd LOVE to see The Book of Mormon) the tickets are outrageously priced and the last one I splurged on was Wicked. I will not ask my district for money. They paid for my state conference but didn't know then that I am retiring. They know now, and it would be wrong of me to ask them to support the trip financially.

    My problem is I'm a libra. Weigh and balance, weigh and balance. I should consult my brother Rick Merlin Levine, astrologer extraordinaire to find out what to do!

  4. Oh Phyl,
    I am geographically envious.......Sigh.............:)

  5. Phyl, You should GO! I agree, consider it a gift to yourself! So many amazing artists and presenters! So many like-minded people all in the same place, it's like nothing you have experienced before! I know you are retiring but I still believe you will be inspired. If I did not already have a roomie , you could stay with me! I am arriving Wednesday after school and leaving Sunday mid-day! I have been fortunate enough to attend for the past 10 years! It's not to be missed!
    Have I convinced you? I hope so, hope to see you there!
    ~ Susan

  6. Are you going?
    Yes! I am so excited to go
    If you are, when do you plan to arrive in NY, and when are you returning home?
    I will arrive Thursday night and return on Monday
    Have you already registered?
    Yes, last week. However most of the workshops were full!
    Reserved your room?
    Are you presenting a workshop?
    No, hopefully next year
    Have you been to a national conference before?
    What else can you share to help me decide?
    It would be great to meet a fellow art blogger, especially one with as much experience and knowledge as you have!

  7. I'm setting up a booth meet the amazing Phyl outside our hotel room. . . admission $2! We can raise the money there! People are going to be so happy to meet you. . . I don't think you are retiring anyways just evolving butterfly. No one knows what's next for you. This might spark an idea?

  8. If you all could find a wealthy art ed person to pay my way...I'd love to hang out with ya'll!!!! :) I have never been...would love to go. Too bad that wasn't part of the article in trip to NAEA!!!! :) ha ha

  9. I know how energizing conferences can be. I guess, since you are retiring and would be paying your own way totally, I would consider how I might otherwise spend that money and weigh how much enjoyment I would get spending it one way or the other. That way, whichever way you decide, you'll be happy:))

  10. Decision made. My sweet husband says "GO! You will meet some blogger friends and you always love conferences, and you always love NYC. Besides, it's fate that it is so close on the year you will retire. Why WOULDN'T you go?!!"

    Like I said, decision made. Now for the nitty gritty!

  11. I am going... just waiting for district to pay registration! I haven't made hotel reservations yet! YIKES>.. I need a roomie too! Anyone need a roommate? I'm presenting my Visual Journaling workshop on Friday AM. I'd leave Thursday to go down and stay through Saturday and leave Sunday AM.

  12. Hey Phy, I am totally going and would love to see you like I did at the NYSATA!
    Be prepared to move around way more. The Hilton is where they had it in 2007 and it's more spread out. I have the layout if you want it. National conferences are NOTHING like the state ones. WAY TOTALLY MORE AMAZING. You will love it. I try to go whenever they come near. This will be my 4th. I cannot wait!!! The exhibit halls are enormous and the keynote rooms are HUGE! I will be there on Friday and Saturday. Since I live in Westchester, I will take the train in. I would love to meet any other bloggers. Let's set something up!!!

  13. GOING!!! Too excited!!!! My long lost friend!

  14. For those of you following this conversation - not only am I going, but I will be SHARING A ROOM with my blogger friend/kindred spirit ART PROJECT GIRL!!! How cool is that?!

    @Lauralee, I've been to this hotel before, probably 3 times, for the annual NYSUT Rep Assembly. And you are right, it's huge, so it will be pretty easy for us all to pass like ships in the night. So when it gets closer I'll definitely use the blog to arrange some sort of blogger meetup time/place.

    @Pat - use that plastic! COME!

  15. Curious - anyone signing up for any of the hands-on workshops or off-site stuff? I'm a big fan of hands-on so I will have to do one.

  16. Okay. I am going to the website to see if I can swing it. Will let you know if I have committed-:)

  17. Ok phyl. You are on the down home stretch, coming around the last won't go.... Dont waste your money on the art conf. It it was me I would just go to the big apple and go see the sights... Take in the pizza tour. To eat at a triple d.... Go see something fun.... Like hmmmmm... I don't know... Not really sure what is going on there but something..... That's what I would do.....if it was me..... And I was on the way out....
    But if you do go. Have fun.....

  18. I appreciate the opinion Mr. R, but maybe it will help if I put this in perspective. I was BORN in the Bronx. My grandparents were both in NY - one in Brooklyn, one in the Bronx. I love NYC but this is NOT a once in a lifetime trip.

    My husband and I get to NYC at least once a year, and pick at least one art museum, eat some good food, etc. Last year we went to the Brooklyn Museum, where there are two carved heads by my grandfather on display (!!!) and looked at Judy Chicago's Dinner Party, and also visited the sketchbook exhibit at the Brooklyn Art Library.

    And for those of you who watch Project Runway, my kitchen curtains were sewn with fabric I purchased at Mood! So this convention will be a unique trip to NYC for me, I promise, and will not be a waste of my $$.

  19. Phyl.

    I know it wont be a waste of he money.... I figure you and I talk a bit.. So I was just giving you a bit of a hard time... What ever you do have fun... :)

  20. Please do arrange a blogger meet-up! I'll be there with (figurative) bells on! It's my second conference... I went when it was in Baltimore when I was still in grad school. NYC is my most favorite place in the world (lived there for six years). I try to come up at least a few times a year and the conference is a great excuse (not like I need one). I'll actually be staying with a friend in your old 'hood... the Bronx :) Hopefully see ya then!