Thursday, January 19, 2012

Such a fun messy day

A boy did this cute alien drawing after he had cleaned up. Today's 2nd graders did some of the cutest free choice ever in the last few minutes of their art time. Here's a couple more:

Yes, that's Batman and Robin!

But here's the fun mess. We had drawn faces with various expressions with oil pastels, and were painting over them with "the biggies".

These paints have been in my art room longer than I have. Seriously. But there's still good life left in them. Because they've been around so long, I totally don't worry about what happens to them. Go ahead! Stir one color into another and see what you get!! WOW!

The kids were so excited about color mixing - "Mrs. Brown! Come see the raspberry color I made!" "This color looks like a storm cloud!" "I made beautiful violet!" "Guess what ! Blue and Orange make BROWN! It looks like swampwater!" Gotta love it... Here's some works in progress -

The kids were fabulous, the room was a mess, everyone pitched in to wash the tables, and we all were happy. And one girl found an extra paint brush in her water bucket, and spent the whole art class painting with both - sometimes one in each hand, and sometimes like this:

When I collected the colored pop sticks that match the table colors, a couple of kids said the cutest things. (Let me start by explaining - I always say something like "Pickle Green" or "Jelly Bean Green", or "Rudolph's Nose Red" etc, and the kids always have suggestions for what the colors should be - today at the red table, one boy said "tongue red" (too funny!) but the best was at the green table. One of my sweetie-pie 2nd graders said "Greatest Art Teacher Green". Awww shucks!

So the rest of the day was just as good. The 4th graders saw the wacky Dali video "Get Surreal" and LOVED it, and came in at lunchtime to finish wampum belts and play Exquisite Corpse, the art game they learned about in the video. Then the 5th graders merrily stuffed plastic bags that will become the bodies of their Laurel Burch fantastic felines! Stay tuned... More great days to come!!!!!


  1. I had a pretty good day, too! I've posted extra times that students can come in to work on their Duck Stamp/State Fish artwork. One 6th grade boy who has never acted super interested has been in working during every recess and even before school today. Then I had 22 4th graders during recess! (Some just because it was too cold to go outside and they didn't want to "walk and talk" in the gym, but I'll take it!) They were drawing on the floor because it was so crowded with folders for every class taking up a whole table.

  2. Love days like this! I had a good one too! Forgot my camera again though so lacking posts! So much going on in the art room and nothing on my blog. Glad to hear when my friends have good days!!!!!

  3. Hey Phyl,
    I had a pretty good day if I don't have to include 2 1st grades, 2 3rd grades and 1 5th grade-Oops! That was my whole day.....But yesterday was great! I am absolutely in love with the kiddo who made the alien drawing! Is that a kangaroo alien? It is too cute! I live for the days that you described because that's why I do what I do. On a side note, I went to a "Christmas" faculty party tonight for my one morning a week school (school #2) and it was at the principal's home, who just happens to be a former student of mine(how cool is that?!). He couldn't wait to show me all of the artwork he and his wife have collected and it was pretty cool. They had completely gutted a 20's bungalow and it looked like something out of Architectural Digest! Absolutely stunning and he told me he and his Dad had done everything except for the kitchen. A real Rennaisance Man! Anywho, after the party I went to see, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I read the book by Jonathan Safron Foer and it was really well done. It is a story about a boy and 9/11. Trulytouching and the kid actor, who carried the whole movie, was AMAZING.5 stars from Pat!LOL! Have a fun and relaxing weekend:) Pat

    1. Pat, I also adore that alien drawing, but sadly I let him take it home with him.

      Looking forward to seeing Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close glad to hear it was so good - my book club read the book a couple of years ago and thought it was fabulous. Foer is a unique author. I haven't yet read Everything is Illuminated but I thought that movie was spectacular, and so was it's sound track. But our town is exceptionally slow at getting good movies - we get the shoot-em-ups, horror movies, and raunchy movies right off the bat, but the classy stuff, we have to wait for. Sometimes they don't come to the main theater at all, and so we wait for them to show up at the independent dinner-and-movie theater (which I like except their menu hasn't changed in YEARS). Sad.

      Ironically this week was exceptionally fun at school, which is crazy because I was so overtired all week -staying up late every night finishing a non-school-related project. But it was a week filled with silliness (you'll see results of more of the sillies probably later in the coming week)which is my favorite kind of time at school.

  4. What kind of paint are your big cakes? I am looking for a paint that is long lasting because my tempera and watercolors go really fast with these kids.

    1. Amy, I honestly have no idea what brand they are, but I swear they have been around for DECADES. No exaggeration. I also use liquid tempera because you can't get the wonderful creamy rich color any other way.